1. Thank you Chelsea. It's been a difficult but wonderful period. I pray someday I will get to take the journey into motherhood as well.

  2. I have had two full-term pregnancies, and two miscarriages, and just found out I am pregnant again, and we still told friends and family right away. If something goes wrong, those are the people who will walk through it and be sad with us.

    • With my first pregnancy we waited “because the chance of miscarriage goes down after the first trimester”. Well we lost our baby at 16 weeks so we have a whole different view now! With this pregnancy we have already told our family and a few friends. They all went through our grief with us last time and I need their love and support more than ever now.

      • I’m so sorry. Yes it goes down, but it still happens. Everybody can make their own choice and I’m glad you know what is best for you! I hope baby is healthy!

  3. I understand that. Personally though, I would only want very close friends and immediate family knowing. I just think people should think before they immediately post it to Facebook!

    • I like how you articulated your opinion in this comment. I was prepared to disagree (respectfully) with your first point in the article, but I can agree with the encouragement to THINK about it before posting. I personally have chosen to share early on every time. I’m blessed to not have lost a baby, but I would still want to acknowledge the life, as well as what we’d be going through, if something did happen. My best friend is just the opposite and told almost no one until after the first trimester of each of her pregnancies. So again, I like how you articulated it in the comment more than the article. People may choose differently, but your encouragement to think before sharing on social media is good advice!

        • I agree with you when I told than lost it was so sad I didn’t know what to do.I just found out I’m 9weeks I told only a few ppl I said I wanted to wait til 13 weeks.Ppl that haven’t had a miscarriage don’t understand the hurt they empathize with u ,but that pain is like no other.I suggest the same tell close ppl cuz they will b there regardless, but social media they can wait.

    • I agree whole-heartedly! I wanted to wait even longer than we did (hubby talked me into telling our families at 8 weeks), but I handle grief differently than others. If I lost my baby, I’d like to mourn alone for a bit. But I have family who don’t mind sharing as soon as they find out, and I say all power to them!
      It’s a personal preference. Others shouldn’t be judgy or rude towards another’s personal preference, and I love how you shared your reasoning with grace and kindness❤

  4. Are those pants you're wearing in the before and after pic a pair of VS PINK sweatpants with a pink heart and silver peace sign?! I have those, if so! And you look about my size so it's cool to see you in a pair of pants fitting the same way I fit then now and give me an idea of how I'm going to look at the end of pregnancy. Lol

  5. Haha yes! They were nice and baggy in the beginning and not as baggy towards the end. I definitely filled them out more, but that's what happens when you gain 50 pounds!

  6. If you are like me and too lazy to actually do a journal or make a shutterfly book of your pregnancy, there's an easier option! The Belly Book is a super cute pregnancy journal that gives you prompts as well as some blank journaling pages, and includes spots for all your belly pics and ultrasound pics. My sister in law gave it to me early on, and I love it!

  7. I was really disappointed in the What To Expect app. As soon as I made an account, I started getting a ton of junk email from third party advertisers. There is no way to delete your account or et off those mailing lists other than to request to be removed from every single one.

  8. Really? That's too bad. I signed up two years ago and never had problems with that. I don't remember but I wonder if there is a little box that you have to check so you don't get things like that.

  9. Cute article. Just be warned that cocoa butter was discouraged by my drs because of the caffeine. But there are plenty of other great, caffeine free moisturizers! 🙂

  10. Those two apps are amazing! They have been right on point with 99.9% of everything I've been experiencing 🙂

  11. Really? I haven't heard that. I am just using regular lotion from Bath and Body Works this time and I am just now starting to see stretch marks at 32 weeks!

  12. I disagree with #1. Someone might not want to mourn the loss of their child alone and if you feel like it, life should be celebrated right from the start, as soon as you feel ready to. You can loose your baby at any time despite statistics…

    • Great tips! The only one that I don’t like is the first one. Miscarriages are very emotionally trying for women and our American culture teaches that it is inappropriate for women to mourn for their early miscarriage publically, when for many it is just as depressing as a miscarriage later on. Depression is only heightened by the idea that a woman shouldn’t go public with it. The message sent is her grief is silly because she is “just in her first trimester.” It is a very personal decision and Frankly our culture is too quick to pressure pregnant mom’s into silence during the first trimester. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the decision to not share until the 12th week, but I do think encouraging others to do the same is not the best idea. Many women need the public to know their loss so that people respect their hard emotions rather than writing it off as “she’s sure grumpy today!”

      • That’s fine if you disagree with the first one. I know that miscarriages are tough. I haven’t personally experienced one, but I have many friends who have. In fact, I have written a post about how to help someone who has had a miscarriage. I just think that I would rather have only my close friends and family know rather than people I barely know on Facebook, just in case. And I’m not going to change my opinion on it, even if people disagree. Thanks for your input!

        • I am totally understanding your first point. I lost our first baby at 13or14 weeks. I am the type of person that is completely open and fine with questions, so when I lost our baby, people would ask if it was ok if I talked about it with them, and I had no problem. Many of these were my aunts, or their friends. I told people right away as well, and I was glad I did, because that meant we could all be excited together for the time the baby was alive and well. With my next baby, I told family and friends right away, but once again kept it off facebook, and told my husband to do the same, until we had gotten farther along. We told those we met face to face, though. And I was able to request prayers and get a prayer chain going when I started bleeding with that baby. She is perfectly fine, alive, and well, and turning 9 years old in fall. I didn’t wait long with my son, or my other daughter (actually, with her, everyone was guessing already before we even took a test due to having so many symptoms). My last one, though, who is two now, we waited until 9 whole weeks to tell ANYONE because I wanted it to be a Father’s day surprise. That was so hard. But I had zero symptoms, so nobody even guessed! Anyway, point is, everyone will decide differently, but it is best to think about what you want to do before going ahead and doing so. My husband would tell the whole world and shout from the rooftops immediately upon showing him that test, but not me. I like to hold the little secret all to myself for a little while. I like to relish in it a bit. It is amazing.

          • I love what you said at the end there: “it is best to think about what you want to do before going ahead and doing so.” I 100% agree. Everyone is different, but you should consider how you would feel if something did happen. Thanks, Sabrina!

  13. That's true. Personally, I just would rather have my family and close friends there with me instead of tons of people I don't know super well.

  14. Thanks for sharing this post Chelsea. This is very informative and interesting article. I should try to remember this 14 things. I try to follow this tips, when I will pregnant. Now I am newly married.

  15. 100% agree with #1. we found this out the hard way. We were 5 weeks pregnant and announced to the world (facebook, instagram, family, friends, acquaintances etc) we were so excited. And then we miscarried and had to say over and over and over and over again that we were no longer pregnant, that our baby had died. The second pregnancy we waited and we still miscarried and only our very close friends and family knew. Our last pregnancy was successful and we didn't announce until 15 weeks.

  16. I agree, I waited all of a week to tell my close friends and family and I'm glad I did. At week fourteen (second trimester) I started bleeding. A lot. So many difficult things happen when you are pregnant (at any point) and having family and friends to talk to makes it easier.

  17. It is an incredibly personal choice whether you want to tell people via Facebook or keep it quiet until your 12 weeks +. There is no right or wrong way and I think very much reflects your personality. I am glad I told the people I did with my first pregnancy because I needed their support greatly when I miscarried. I honestly think the more support and discussion regarding miscarriages that takes place is a very positive thing because it can be a very lonely and frightening time. Sadly I think the way the page is organised and written comes across as listing advice statements and not opinions . Keeping it to yourself can be a wonderful thing also …time for you to reflect …and celebrate your pregnancy privately but it depends on what you need at that time. Enjoy telling people when you're ready in whichever form you chose to do so.

  18. Yes, it is my advice and my opinion. Yes, it depends on the person, but I strongly suggest waiting until you are past the first trimester. Yes, some people might want extra support from lots of people if they do end up miscarrying, but personally, I would hate to be reminded of it every time someone asked me how my pregnancy was going, and if I had announced it on Facebook rather than just to a few close friends, that is a lot more likely to happen. It's never fun to give good news and then rescind it, but I think it would be so much worse to have to do that on Facebook to people you don't really care about.

  19. I just had my baby girl 3 Months ago and I documented EVERYTHING she’s my first of course and life couldn’t be more exciting. I’ve used Shutterfly to create books, prints, reusable bags etc. and I love it. This article was great. I’ll be doing the same if my husband and I decide on baby #2

  20. Thank you so much for this article. I just found out I was pregnant only 3 days ago and my fiancé and I are pretty clueless and scared.. It helps to read a little to understand what to expect and also advice from someone who has been there before. Thank you!!

  21. Thanks!!! It’s really helpful as I just found out and super scared. But this steps will help me to put my mind at ease 🙂

  22. Wonderful info! I would also include this: buy yourself a little gift! you have to get The Daily Soul Sessions for the Pregnant Mama book! It’s on Amazon, it’s amazing! It literally saved me during my pregnancy. There are 280 short soul sessions. It’s not religious, just heart warming and spiritual to help you connect with yourself and your creativity and your baby each day. You’ll love it!!

  23. Wow thanks Chelsea ur tips really helped…though am young l knoe am gonna use them one day…am only 17 but thank you biggy

  24. I just found out that I’m pregnant with my first child, I’m super excited about it. My husband and I have been trying for a little while now. I appreciate your tip about checking with your doctor about what types of medications you should or shouldn’t take. I had no idea that you’re not supposed to take ibuprofen while pregnant. Since this is new for me, I’ll have to find a good healthcare facility to visit. In the meantime, I’ll start documenting everything with pictures! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  25. I enjoyed your blog! Can you share specifically how you added the cute “5 weeks” and “39 weeks” to your maternity photos?

  26. Hi Chelsea,

    I found your blog to be so helpful and comforting. I literally just found out a few days ago that i’m pregnant and i’m excited to learn and journal. Will be checking in a lot here and sharing with other new moms. I am nervous and have not told family and friends yet. Will take your advice of waiting for the first trimester or even longer to pass by. I think it’s a smart decision to do so. I’ll be honest, i’m not sure why but I feel very nervous about the actual delivery. This is my first baby and I have so many ‘what ifs’. I am wondering if i’ll have a safe vaginal birth or c-section and how much it will pain and if i should take the epidural and if i do will it cause more back pain to the back pain i already experience etc etc etc. I also don’t know how much i should exercise and much more. I’ll be reading a lot and I have yet to find the right doctor…

    • Congrats, Tabitha! There’s a lot to think about, but the good news is you have nine months to get ready! I’ve got lots of pregnancy posts to help out!! Reading a lot and being informed is so important!! Good luck!

  27. Hi there! I know this is an old post but I wanted to comment on maternity clothes. I had great luck with nursing tops while pregnant. Not as large as maternity tops but great for late second trimester and after baby comes. Also…invest in a belly band! Let’s you continue to wear your regular pants for while without buttoning…or if you have some larger pants wearing thor without a tight belt!

  28. This is so helpful thank you so much I just found out that I was pregnant and was freaking out because I didn’t know what to do but thank you again I feel like I can breathe now lol

  29. Hi CHelsea.
    Thank you for making this post. My boyfriend and I both are just starting out in our careers 2 months now and just discovered I’m pregnant. We are both 28 years old and this would be our first. We are llanning took keep this to ourselves for a long good while only because like you I don’t like to open up to a bunch of strangers and only close family and friends. Anyways I been overwhelmed withe now the thought of being a parent at this moment but AGAIN we are nearly 30 and at this point most couples are trying to conceive. After reading your post, I do feel a little at ease and I hope i begin to get excited soon.

    • Congrats, Danielle! I had a hard time getting excited with our third baby, so I definitely can see where you’re coming from. It can be scary to have a baby when you weren’t planning on it for a while! But congrats, girl! I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy! And if you’re interested, my book might be a good read for you!

  30. Recently found out im 4 weeks pregnant and i wasnt planning on doing anything pre-baby-arrival apart from kind of.. well.. waiting! This blog post has inspired me to take some of your recommended steps i.e. document, photograph, and im even more excited now than when i heard the news! Thankyou so much and il be sure to from now on keep an eye on your blog which ive just stumbled upon. Much love!

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