1. Gina says

    This is beautiful!!!! I started sewing a year ago so I’m not TOO advanced just yet, but I think I can totally do this project 🙂 also, this might be a dumb question, but do you per wash your fabric (not the interfacing) in cold water or hot??
    With flannel I usually use cold…so I just wanted to make sure the same would be used for the cotton 🙂

    Thanks again

    • Chelsea Johnson says

      Thanks! I wash it in whatever water I plan on washing it in later. I used hot for this one because I knew it would get dirty and I wanted to be able to wash it in hot without it shrinking.

  2. Megan Furniss says

    I just love the way you write your tutorials. Pics galore and it is super easy to follow! I did have to ask my sister what a top stitch was when I was making the boys car seat canopy you have. I just love your blog! Thanks for the tips and help!

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