1. christine says

    Excellent. My daughter is looking for something to keep the sun off of Ems eyes. Making this for her will be perfect. So, I, Nanny had better get started, Thank you for your insperation.

  2. Krystal McAtee says

    LOVE this and your fabric! But I do have a few questions…. I followed your tutorial exactly and when I went to add my bottom fabric, the top did not line up with the bottom fabric. Did I understand your tutorial correctly… The 9″ sides of the squares should be along the tops and bottoms of the rows and the 10″ side should be on the left and right sides? Sure seems like if I would have done the opposite of this it would have matched up with my bottom fabric. I measured my bottom fabric and it is a full yard as well….. Any ideas that might help??
    Thank you in advance!!

    • Chelsea Johnson says

      I’m not sure what happened, but I measured mine and I even drew it out and I’m still pretty sure the way I have it written is right. Because otherwise it would be wider than it is tall, and then it wouldn’t fit the car seat. I’m sorry that’s not much help!

      • Krystal McAtee says

        Thank you for your help. This was one of my first projects so there is no telling where I went wrong. But I think I am still going to be able to get it to fit okay. Thank you for sharing your tutorials, they are very well written and easy to follow. Looking forward to trying the burp cloths!! Then I am on to attempting the nursery bedding… Eeeek!!

        • Chelsea Johnson says

          I hope it still works out for you! And I’m glad you like my tutorials! It’s so much fun to be able to tell someone you made something when they ask where you got it! And good luck with the burp cloths! Those are way easy, and if you could do this tutorial I’m sure you’ll have no problem with those! Good luck with the nursery bedding, too! If you want an easy crib sheet tutorial I have used this one with both of my kids:

  3. Jennifer says

    Thank you so much for posting this fun, very thorough tutorial. While I did have the same problem as Krystal, I attributed it to my lack of sewing experience and figured I must have measured something wrong. But I solved the problem by just taking about an inch and a half off the top and bottom, and with the whole thing sewn together it’s hardly noticeable. I’m actually thrilled with how it came out!

    • Chelsea Johnson says

      How strange! I looked at my car seat cover today and I’m not sure how the tutorial isn’t getting my results! I’m glad you figured it out, though!

  4. Anita says

    I am going to make this for my nephew, and noticed that you didn’t have anything about the exact size of the bottom piece beyond saying it requires a yard of fabric. Is is the bottom peice supposed to be cut to 35″ wide and 42″ long – same as the non-quilted car seat cover?

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