1. Heather Nielson says

    I have seen a cute printable on Pinterest about The Family: A Proclamation to the World from your CraftChelsea site. It appears to be a series of small pages that break the Proclamation down into pieces. I think this would be perfect to use for a presentation I am giving to the Primary Activity Days girls. However, I cannot find it on your new site. Is this something that is still available?

  2. Chelsea says

    Uh, oh! My guess is that there is something wrong with your printer? Or maybe your connection between your printer and computer? Because the file is still there working right. I'm sorry! I hope you figure it out!

  3. Lacey says

    Okay so I tried printing it off my laptop instead of my ipad and this time it printed it but it's not centered, its blurry, and I think it's trying to print 8 1/2 x 11. What am I doing wrong?

  4. Diana Nowak Riffel says


    I want to try printing on transparent paper and the one I saw at Jo-ann’s said to use a laser printer. Did you use laser or inkjet? Just wondering if maybe it still works!? Thanks!!

  5. Kelcie Morgan says

    Hi Chelsea,

    Thank you so much for this post. I have referred back to it again and again over the years. However, I cannot find the link to the Family Proclamation PDF anymore. It doesn’t seem to be attached to this post anymore. Would you mind sending it to my email? Thank you!

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