1. Dana says

    Although I’m personally partial to the idea that a baby’s gender does not have a “color” these are very cute. I just saw one on facebook I’ve never seen before. She had her daughter paint her feet (with what looks like chalk) pink and took a picture up close of her cute little feetsies. I also had the idea (with the help of a friend) similar to the bubblegum one but with cotton candy, because it often comes in pink and blue. Take a bite out of the one that’s the “correct” color for the gender.:) I probably wouldn’t go a gender reveal, so if someone wants to use that, I think it’s be cute!

    • Chelsea Johnson says

      Those are cute, too! I love the cotton candy idea! I may have to use that when we have our next little!

  2. Camille says

    I wanted to be part of those being surprised in my gender reveal, but I wanted my oldest daughter to help. We had the tech put the gende in a sealed envelope. I sent blue and pink cake and all other necessary ingredients, with my daughter to a friends house to make cake pops in the gender color, covered in chocolate. The next morning the whole family lined up and took a bite at the same time. It turned out really fun and was special for my daughter as well.

    • Chelsea Johnson says

      Oh how cute! I love that you got your daughter involved. I’m sure she absolutely loved that! Plus, you got to eat delicious cake pops!

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