3 Toys to Help with Teething

This post is sponsored by The First Years. I received free product in exchange for this post. All opinions are true and 100% my own. Teething is rough. In the last two months, our daughter has gotten five teeth and has one more coming in. Needless to say, she has been extra grumpy. She drools…

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Things to do Before You Get Pregnant

It took my husband and I 15 months to get pregnant. Needless to say, I read tons of books and articles about how to get pregnant. And tons of things about what to do before getting pregnant in order to have a healthy pregnancy. There are actually a lot of things you might not think…

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Single Serving Key Lime Pie

Since Little A was born (almost 10 months ago), I have had a problem with snacking. And every time my toddler has a snack, it’s easy to justify having one, too! But those small things like crackers or fruit snacks never satisfy me, and I am left even hungrier than before. Last week I decided…

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Patriotic Jello Salad

I shared this post on Sugar Bee Crafts two weeks ago, and I am excited to get to share it with you guys today! It’s a super yummy layered jello salad, and it’s one of my favorite recipes! My mom used to always make this dessert for holidays, and when I found out how easy…

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Easy Toddler Apron Pattern and Tutorial

With Little J helping me in the kitchen so much recently, I decided that he needed a cute little apron. The only problem was that I couldn’t find any inexpensive cute toddler aprons, especially for boys, and especially one that my son likes enough to actually wear every time. So what does the crafty mom…

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8 Things You Can Blame on Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the ultimate excuse. There have been instances where my husband has told me he doesn’t like when I’m pregnant because I seriously blame everything on pregnancy. But to be fair, making a baby is hard and it does a lot of weird and difficult stuff to your body. Sometimes when you are pregnant,…

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