1. Jen says

    This is amazing! It had me laughing and making disgusted faces all at the same time. You are a great writer. Keep it up. I am 8 months pregnant today and so far….I completely agree with you.

  2. Chelsea says

    Thank you! And congratulations on your almost-here baby! Unfortunately it gets more uncomfortable before it gets better, but like I said, it really is worth it!!

    • Kate says

      Hi Chelsea! You forgot to add “pregnant nose” to the worst side! I thought when you got to Smell you might mention it. When I was pregnant I had the BIGGEST nose!!! It completely stretched over my face. So needless to say I hated taking pictures 🙁

  3. becky says

    I agree with 99 percent of your post, but I am prob the one person that had a good 1st trimester and a horrible 2nd! That is when my migraines started in. I'm hoping this time around I don't have the migraines and that I can enjoy the 2nd trimester!

  4. Chelsea says

    Oh no! I have actually had a few migraines this time during the second trimester, but I also got sick more during the first. And Wednesday starts the third trimester, so we will see! I may have to add to my list!! Hopefully this time will be better for you!

  5. Abby says

    I love this list! I am 15.5 weeks and morning sickness kicked in this trimester. :/ And yes, even now, all I can describe as how I feel is uncomfortable!
    Thank you for writing this!

  6. Sheryl says

    love this post!! im one of the lucky ones that still has morning sickness lol! start the third trimester tomorrow though!! can't wait to meet my little guy hopefully in september! although i still just look fat, no cute bump lol! my mom said she never got that with her first. she went from no belly to huge belly at 7 months. so im guessing thatll be me too lol!

  7. Chelsea says

    Thanks Sheryl! I'm sure you are the only one who still thinks you look fat! If you are that far along I'm sure you have at least a little bit of a cute bump! And even if you don't feel like it yet, you will get that bump soon!

  8. Nobe says

    I love that there is someone in the world who knows exactly what I'm going through. The worst part of pregnancy list makes me feel so less guilty for feeling the list, thank you. I'm surrounded by women going through "perfect pregnancies", you just made me feel Real!

  9. Chelsea says

    Yeah, don't feel guilty about complaining because these are real things!! My sister-in-law loved pregnancy and now I feel like a weakling haha. But I'm still okay with not enjoying everything!!

  10. Stacy H says

    This was awesome to read! Thank you for all your insight. You had me smiling, tears in my eyes and laughing out loud.

  11. Chelsea says

    Thanks, Stacy! I am glad! Pregnancy can really be the best or the worst. And definitely there is a lot of both! Unfortunately for me I am in one of the worst parts! I just have to keep reminding myself I only have five weeks left now!

  12. Jemy says

    Excelente post!!!!!!!! divertido y realista ya que todas las que somos madres hemos pasado por esas cosas,tanto lo mejor como lo peor del embarazo 🙂 Yo con un hijo de casi 11 años y un embarazo de 8 meses (actualmente) puedo decir que aunque a veces se hace un tanto pesado el tercer trimestre,es lo más hermoso que puede sucederle a una madre 🙂 yo en lo particular mis dos embarazos fueron espectaculares; nada de vómitos ,mareos etc. es como el embarazo perfecto y ahora llegando al fin de mi segundo embarazo encontré tu página y me encantó…..quisiera haberla encontrado antes ya que tienes cosas muy útiles,pero igual me han sido útiles en alguna manera 🙂 Gracias por plasmar en tus escritos lo bello de ser madre.Adiós

  13. Chelsea says

    Muchas gracias! Me alegro de que usted puede relacionarse! Lo sentimos no encontró más pronto, pero a lo mejor para su próximo bebé se pueden encontrar algunos de mis posts útil! Buena suerte con su nuevo bebé!

  14. Samantha says

    Pregnancy is the most precious thing for every woman. When she bringing a new life in her body. During this period women suffering some complications, These article helps to fight against these complications. Thanks for the post.

  15. Courtney V says

    I loved your post! But I'm one of the few who had a great pregnacy. I never once got sick. Sometimes I
    Would smell something and it would make me
    A little nauseous but never threw up. I slept great up until 9 months. Sex with my husband was the best it had ever had. The only bad part was I had diabieties and had to take insulin and check my blood even that wasn't to bad because I knew I was doing it for my daughter to be healthy. The peeing nonstop I think tht happens to everyone. No one ever touched my belly either. Also I had dreams about m daughter before she was born, what she looked like and her personality. Did you have any vivid dreams too? I loved being pregnant and your article!!

  16. Courtney v says

    Oh AND I can still smell like a dog!! Lol no matter what- my husband being out side, daughter passing gas, even bread starting to mold 5 days before it happens, if my husband is around someone at work who smokes I can smell it all. It's good and bad. It's been almost 3 years. Can you still smell like this?

  17. Chelsea says

    I didn't have any really vivid dreams, but I had some strange ones! I'm jealous that you had a good pregnancy! The smelling was worse with my first pregnancy than my second. Except the smell of my son's diapers were pretty bad and I had to avoid the trash!

  18. Jenna says

    I would definitely be one of those that would disagree with the 2nd trimester being amazing. 1st trimester I was being sick a lot, 2nd trimester I suffered from severe ante-natal depression, and now 3rd trimester (only a week left til Due Day) has been so uncomfy and horrible trying to keep the depression in check. I can't wait and yet dread the day that labour starts.

  19. Lynposey says

    What a great blog! I appreciate your honesty. Being 8 months pregnant myself in August is tough and sometimes you don’t feel like you can be honest about the good and the bad; that you should just be grateful that you can have a child. But honestly it is both and I could relate to a lot of what you said. Now if I could only not feel so sweaty, huge, and gross right now! Looking forward to our first born hopefully being here in about a month 🙂

    • Chelsea Johnson says

      It will be so worth it! But in the meantime, it’s okay to complain! There are some great things about pregnancy and yes, it is a blessing, but yes, it is tough! You can make it!!!

  20. Danielle says

    I am only just pregnant after I was told I was infertile, this has helped to know what to expect and prepare me a little more. Thank you!!

  21. Julie S says

    This! I was nodding to everything and yep the second trimester was so awesome compared to the hide yourself first and omg I’m a whale third lol

  22. Lynette says

    Sooo I’m pretty young, still in school… don’t judge please.. but I just found out that I’m pregnant and I’m sooo scared my mom knows my boyfriend knows and so does his mom, we’re keeping it, but I’m super scared

  23. Kaisha says

    Currently pregnant and I am jealous that I’m missing out on the wonderful side of the second trimester. It’s a truly painful trimester for me.

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