1. Jelli B. says

    Great tips! We flew with our little girl trans-atlantic at around 5 months and used #1,#2, and especially #8 with her and it made so much difference! I’m a huge baby carrying fan, and when I’ve got the choice, always fly with the carrier and leave that awkward stroller at home. Flew once with a stroller and will never again! I always tell ppl it’s best to try to borrow carseats and strollers from ppl you’re visiting, if possible, rather than toting them along.

    • Chelsea says

      Thanks! I can’t even imagine trying to fly with a stroller! I had a hard enough time with the car seat. Borrowing ones from people you are visiting is a great suggestion. That way you don’t have to worry about the airline losing or damaging yours.

  2. Leah says

    A few other things we learned when flying with our [then-] 2 month-old: Be SURE to call ahead so the airline knows you have a lap-rider with you; ours didn’t know (even though I checked all the boxes when ordering tickets online) and our checker-in-er was not a happy camper b/c they have to seat you in a certain row that has the infant life vests. This turned out to be in our favor, however, because this row happened to be the very back of the plane for 3 of our 4 flights, and the noise and vibrations of the engine had Jr. asleep before we left the gate. It’s a good idea to be feeding the baby during takeoff and landing (if he/she is awake) to help equalize the pressure in their ears.

    We did travel with a stroller (they gate-check for free on most airlines) and it came through just fine. We liked having it for layovers and getting around the airport, and we were travelling to a place with no family or friends with kids.

    • Chelsea says

      We love sitting in the back! Plus that way if your baby is crying, there are less people around to get upset haha. I actually didn’t think about calling to check because every time we’ve flown we’ve been fine. I’m definitely going to call ahead when we fly in December! Thanks!

  3. Alicen says

    Great tips!! I make little care packages for people sitting directly around us. I include things like EAR PLUGS, chocolates, cozy socks, and a little note explaining my babies first trip where we are going etc. Hopefully they will be more sympathetic to her crankiness and cries during the flight.

    • Chelsea J says

      That’s another great idea! My husband told me once about some twins who were like a month old and their parents handed out little care packages like that for the whole plane warning them and telling them they were sorry if they were grumpy on the plane. Not reasonable for everyone, but I like the idea of handing them out to the people sitting directly around you!

  4. P. Lea says

    This is a great topic! Thanks!

    I’m going to fly to France next summer with my 10 months old baby for the first time. I’m wondering about the logistics. How do you book a flight with a baby (knowing that I’m not going to pay another $1000+ for her own seat. Does the company need to know I am bringing a baby on board for each flight we take? When booking online, do I need to book it for her too? How does it work?
    I’m interested in national flights as well since we will travel from west to east coast first then France.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    • Chelsea Johnson says

      If you book it online, you can usually just say that there is a child under 2 with no seat. If there isn’t an option online, you probably need to call the airline. They do need to know because you have to have a ticket for them. Some airlines make you have a copy of their birth certificate with you. You should probably call the airline because I think they are all different. I hope that helps!!

  5. Bobbi Brown says

    Thanks for the tips! We will be flying our almost 3 month old at the end of this month and I have one question. She is a heavy sleeper and I am hoping that she sleeps for the short flight. If she is asleep during the ascent and/or descent should I wake her to give the paci? I don’t want her to be in pain…

    • Chelsea Johnson says

      I would try and get her to fall asleep with it. Or maybe just give it to her the whole plane ride! Good luck!

  6. Trisha @ The Ham & Cheese Of It says

    We are in the military and are moving duty stations this winter. These will be so helpful in our week worth of flying (Japan – Seattle – Dallas – Baltimore – Germany). She will be just over a year when this I happens. We plan to take a small trip back to the U.S. This summer to test out what will work best. But we will for sure use these tips! Thanks for these helpful tips!

  7. D says

    Thanks for the advice.. i havent bring my baby on any flight .. but ur advice really open my toughts for the worst senario

  8. Jess says

    I definitely never thought of “selling your baby”, it is so true that if people think your baby is cute, they will be more understanding. Great ideas and suggestions.

  9. Sarah says

    Hey, Chelsea! This was super informative & good to know. I only wish I had found this before I took my first plane ride with my baby, alone. Haha. Thankfully she was a dream (she is generally happy) but it didn’t stop me from getting those terrified looks from strangers who fear being trapped with a loud baby on a flight. I think my biggest flaw was packing the diaper bag with the important stuff on the bottom (insert eye-roll here) because i caught heck trying to make a bottle. Anyhow, I will definitely take these tips and use them next time, Chelsea! I’ve recently started a blog of my own in hopes to help other moms in this roller-coaster of motherhood! Thanks for the info!

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